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Children's Poetry

These are two in a series of animated children's rhymes by musician and lyricist, Kim Wallach.
Kim has been producing child-oriented content for decades, and approached me to direct and animate companion videos to a series of her work.
The verses are educational, and the repetitive nature of the poems offer a feeling of comfort to the videos.

One of the most beneficial things to come out of these projects has been the relationship with the client. Being an artist herself, Kim is able to describe her ideas and vision for the piece, while also allowing for creative decision making on my part.

The creating and sharing of ideas and concepts greatly helps the animation process, as the joint effort between the client and artist shines through in the finished product

"Please Don't Leave" was a project made in collaboration with singer/songwriter "Yemily," who gave me a lot of creative freedom to experiment with my routine art style. The result was a piece that, while both nostalgic and tender, is also melancholy and sincere.

Music Videos

"$36" was a song the band "Spider Rock," sent me in hopes that I could produce a video that helped encompass the feeling of the tone it set.
Around the time it was nearing completion, the video became involved in a greater narrative that spanned different music videos.
This project taught me a lot about improvisation and how it can strengthen a piece, as well as have it lead to a broader meaning.

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