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Provided are examples from a project for Bearwalk Cinema

I was first approached to design storyboards that fit within the studio's pre-existing style, and despite it being entirely live-action, my pass at emulating the look (below) led me to work on a commercial project for the studio.

The commercial spot (left) was meant to highlight the everyday life of Mass General Hospital. The highs and lows, but especially the human connection that emboldens the hospital. The variety of people, jobs, and tasks was meant to showcase a vulnerable but dedicated reality of working in the space during such a unique and uncertain time.

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Despite working predominantly in animation, my framing and compositing sensibilities are inherently cinematic, and so the transition to live-action set pieces, while requiring a different frame of mind to visualize, still felt very natural to my own unique capabilities.

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Provided are a few examples of editorial work I made for Adaptable LLC.
The work is meant to demonstrate and discuss specific business strategies, as to follow the mission goals of the company, and the articles they publish.

The illustrations here depict the different angles at which to approach cross-boundary communication, and what steps to take in order to achieve in the face of expanding and changing environments.

These projects were completed through some of the most consistent and thoroughly executed processes I've worked with, which did nothing but help the pieces succeed.

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