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Being a visual storyteller, many of the first ideas that come to my head when I think "art" is posters. Whether they be advertisements or film promotion, the presentation of it all makes the content depicted that much more striking. 

There are endless possibilities of what can be taken away from a singular image.

There's no denying the influence the art of cinema has had on my work, especially my thesis film, "Cinéster."

In addition to promotional purposes, this poster was made once production of the film had finished, an illustrated victory lap, if you will.

The poster was designed to resemble film posters from the era, as well as pulp horror novel covers, as that fit in with the themes of the movie.


Another passion of mine includes novels, and I have taken to designing personalized covers for various books and stories. I rather enjoy the challenge of encapsulating the feelings and the imagery of the written word, and visually representing the heart of the text.

One of my favorite projects I've been involved in was designing mini posters for a local movie theater for their marathon of the 2019 Best Picture Nominees.

I worked in a much more minimalistic style for these, visualizing the themes and imagery from the films in a singular image.

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