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The graphical limitations that come with pixel art is what inspires me to create with it. It allows me to work within specific parameters while at the same time challenging me to utilize one block to represent a specific amount of detail.

"Dracula - A Classic Literature Adventure," was a film designed as a proof of concept for a series of point-and-click adventures based upon classical literature. More examples of Game Mockups can be found here




"The Rad World of Roosevelt" was a short made in an effort to visually showcase and teach the life and times of the 26th President of the United States in under a minute. 

"The Centurion" is an unfinished film about a Centurion soldier on the search for a mysterious creature that had been ravaging the Roman countryside.


Due to time constraints and having an unprecedented busy schedule, I only had time to complete one scene from it, as shown here.

Game Mockups.png
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This is an unfinished series of mockups for retro style point-and-click adventures. These are proof of concept pieces for a video game series that adapt pieces of literature into an interactive and immersive experiences. I believe that there is something special about the medium of video games when it comes to adaptation, as it shares elements of literature and film that allow the audience to take their time with the worlds while also seeing it all first hand. The first in the series is various scenes from the book, "The Hobbit." I decided to start with this not only because it's my favorite book. I followed up with Bram Stoker's, "Dracula." These books not only hold a significant place in the canon of classical literature, but also because the components of the stories translate very smoothly to adventure games of the 1990s. 

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